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Divorce in Al quran and Social Psychology Perspective irkhamna R (11410059)

Divorce in Al quran and Social Psychology Perspective
irkhamna R (11410059)

A.    Definition of Divorce in Al quran
In Islam, the Prophet Muhammad once said, "The actions lawful but most accursed of God is divorce." When marriage makes each person or married couple are both spiritual and physical torment caused by a common bond, it is permissible for them to perform separations households. Literally, the definition of divorce is the dissolution of the marriage by religion and law.
But in Islam, the meaning of marriage is not as easy divorce. Many stages to go through when divorce is really dilakukan.Dalam Qur'an Surat Ath-THALAQ, which is used as the Marriage Act. That divorce will only happen when there is a witness and go through three stages, namely divorce first, second divorce, and then divorce 3.
If, in a very angry husband to divorce his wife so that came out said, it will not be a divorce occurred when there were no witnesses among them at the time spoken word. And that's true when a husband is not in a state of unconsciousness, for example, was very angry and dark eyes that said divorce beyond reasonable and healthy intentions, it is assumed there will be no divorce.
People's lives today are more modern and advanced has eroded the sanctity of marriage. So the divorce or separate beds very easily occur between domestic partner. There is no significant effort to continue to maintain Mahligai households have been built. Need advice perfectly. Egocentric that surrounds modern individuals have made religious values ​​are no longer exceed the value of the world.

B.     Definition of Divorce in Social Psychology Perspective

Divorce is the breaking of the family because one or both partners decide to leave each other so that they stopped doing his duty as a husband and wife.

Divorce for children is the "mark of death" his family together, it's half the "self" children have been lost, life will never be the same again after their parents divorced and they have to accept sadness and a deep sense of loss. For example, children have harbored a deep sense of longing for a father / mother who suddenly did not live with him anymore.
In sociology, there is the theory of exchange that saw marriage as a process of exchange between the rights and obligations as well as reward and loss that occurs between a husband and wife.
Because marriage is a process of integration of the two individuals who live and work together, while the socio-cultural background, desires and needs are different, the exchange process in this marriage should always be negotiated and agreed.
Conditions Toward Divorce

Circumstances before the divorce that begins with the process of negotiations between spouses resulting in the couple was no longer able to produce an agreement that will satisfy both parties. As though they can no longer find a good solution for both of them. These feelings then cause enmity and hatred between the two sides that make the relationship between husband and wife become increasingly distant.

This condition is increasingly menghilangan praise and respect given to married but praise and appreciation is the emotional support that is needed in a marriage. This resulted in the marital relationship further and worsen.

They are more difficult to talk and discuss together and negotiate any problems that need solution. Each side then feel that their partner is someone else. The result will be a divorce (Scanzoni and Scanzoni, 1981)

C.     Analyss
So, divorce can only happen when we want it happen. So for those of you who always want to maintain your household. Never occurred to yourself or have the intention to divorce with your domestic partner. Remember! Every problem must have a solution respectively.
Because Divorce is a legal matter most hated by Allah. Therefore, the steps in the divorce was not as easy as it was done. Allah promised to open a way out for all those who restrain themselves. So life is based on faith and piety, however, the difficulties encountered, can be dealt with in a wise and good.

D.    Example Case
Indeed, divorce is not forbidden in Islam, though hated by Allah SWT. Prophet. said, "Perkara halal yang paling dibenci oleh Allah ialah talak." (Abu Dawud).

At the time of the Prophet. There was a woman who asked for a divorce from her husband and was allowed by the Prophet him. At that time the wife of Thabit bin Qais came to the Prophet Syammas bin. and said, "Wahai Rasulullah, aku tidak membenci Tsabit dalam agama dan akhlaknya. Aku hanya takut kufur. "Prophet., Said," Maukah kamu mengembalikan kebunnya kepada dia? "He replied," Ya. "Then he returned to the garden and Thabit Thabit and were divorced (Reported by al-Bukhari).

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