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A success leader 

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According islam
Those who faithfully observe their trusts and their covenants (08) And who (strictly) guard their prayers (09) these will be the heirs (10) who will inherit paradise: they will dwell therein (for ever)(11). (QS. Al-Mu’minun)
Leadership in Islam is a view of the mandate and responsibilities are not only accountable to members they lead, but also will be accounted in the presence of God Almighty. That why, the responsibility of leadership in Islam is not only horizontal-formal cross human beings, but are vertical-moral, which is responsible to God in the afterlife. Leadership is not something that is actually fun, but it is a responsibility and a mandate that is very heavy and must be carried out as well as possible.
In islam a leader must have the trust character, because a leader will be given a responsibility. If the leader does not have the trust character, the abuse of office and authority for negative thing.  Therefore, leadership should be not be viewed as a facility to master, but it mean a sacrifice and trust be carried out as well as possible. As well as being a leader must have the trust character and fair.

According some figures
Definition of leadership according to Rost is a relationship of mutual influence between leaders and followers who want real change that reflects the common goal.

According Danim leadership is any action taken by an individual to coordinate and give direction to individuals or groups who are members of a particular container to achieve a predetermined goal.

According to Yukl defined leadership as influence processes, which influence the interpretation of events for followers, the choice of the target group or organization, the organization of work activities to achieve these goals, the motivation of followers to achieve goals, cooperation and teamwork relationship maintenance, and obtaining the support and cooperation of the people who are outside the group or organization.

Of some existing theories Stogdill collects eleven definitions of leadership, the leadership of the center of the group process, resulting in personality, the art of creating the agreement, the ability to influence, behavioral actions, a form of persuasion, a relationship of power, a means of achieving goals, the results of the interaction, the separation of roles and initial structure.

Effective leadership
Prof. Dr. Grunt in his book social psychology, says there are thee conditions that must be owned by a success leader, is as follows:
A.     The Visual acuity social
The social vision acuity is an ability to see and understand the symptoms that arise in society or daily life, particularly about feelings, attitudes, desires, and needs of fellow members of the organization. It needs to be staples or complementary needs.
B.     The ability to think abstractly
Ability to think abstractly is a leader who has a sharp brain, because it's abstract mimiliki needed by a leader to see, interpret, and evaluate the activities carried out by members of the organization.
C.     The emotional balance
Someone who is emotionally unstable, let alone be a leader for others, to calm myself just can not afford. Someone leader must be able to create a sense of calm and security to those they lead. This is only possible if he himself calm and safe, because it has an emotional balance.

The example a good leader 
Jakarta – Joko Widodo yang akrab disapa Jokowi yang penuh dengan keteladanan. Kepemimpinannya di Indonesia sangat langka dan patut dijadikan contoh dalam memimpin bangsa ini. Pemimpin Indonesia saat ini termasuk pejabat negara, bupati, gubernur, para Menteri termasuk kepempimpinan Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) ini kebanyakan omong kosong belaka, jarang terlihat wujud riil dari program yang terkait dengan kepentingan rakyat. Kita lihat banyak pejabat negara yang hidup dalam hedonisme dan kemewahan dari hasil uang rakyat dan uang negara yang digunakan untuk kepentingan diri sendiri.
Joko Widodo became the epitome of enviable other public officials in Indonesia, instead of Jokowi’s action with high integrity and good moral to the people, it is the opposite dicibir other officials, and even insulted by foolish, let alone be said for imaging. For example, the action of Jokowi use the official car of the work of the nation's children is a real example, that he loves Indonesian product, not a hypocrite like other state officials. Jokowi shows integrity that every statement that comes out of a state official must be equal to the real action on the ground
Jokowi figure can bring change to the nation of Indonesia, in the midst of the nation's leaders who live in the hedonism and materialism. Character traits and leadership Jokowi should serve as an example for other leaders Indonersia nation. Leadership is highly coveted models Jokowi all Indonesian people, but it raises the hope that it turns out in Indonesia there are still a leader who can be trusted to assume office as trustworthy and honest. Jokowi has now become the desire of people who expect their leaders change.
It’s mean that jokowi’s leadership has been same as leadership that mentioned in QS. Al-mu’minun 8-11. He has the trust character and responbility.

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QS.Al-Mu’minun ayat 8-11

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