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tugas bahasa inggris( umi kasanah/11410071/psi.b)

Verse of Corruption
1. Surah Ali Imran: 161:
            “Not someone prophet to his trust windfalls. Those who betrayed the business war, then on the Day of Resurrection it will come take what's
betrayed; and than every soul will be  vengeance what they do with (of Judgment) accordingly), but they will not be wronged”.
2. Surah Al-Baqoroh: 188:
            “And do any of you take some other property among yourselves in falsehood and do not carry (business) property to the judge, so that you can eat  of another's property (by the way) do) sin, while you know”.
3. QS Al-Baqoroh: 42;
            And do not confound the truth with falsehood, nor conceal the Truth while ye know.
4.  Surah Al-Nisa ': 29
            who believe, do not consume one another property among yourselves in vanity, except it Happens business with the same love-love between you. and do not kill yourselves, Allah is Most Merciful to you.
2. Devinisi corruption
• In the books of hadith.
 some terms that are often identified or have a close meaning with corruption include: Ghulul and risywah.
- Ghulul: a very popular of corruption
Ghulul is a term most widely used by Prophet. in the Hadiths related to corruption or embezzlement of public property. Ghulul is isim masdar from ghalla ya ghullu ghallan wa ghullun. That is, Al-syai Akhdzu dassabu wa fi mata'hi "(taking something and hide it in his property).
- Risywah (Bribe-Bribery)
Another term that is similar to but not the same corruption is risywah / bribery. If ghulul made by one party is active, risywah carried out by the two parties are equally active and equally concerned.
. Risywah (or rasywah / rusywah) are bribes to influence a decision to favor a particular party and otherwise harm others.
• According to figures
Referring to the definition of corruption raised by Hogwood & Peter (1985) in his book The Pathology of Public Policy, corruption is a behavior that termanifest in the embezzlement of funds or materials that should be used for public welfare but to enrich themselves causing harm to a wider audience.
by Arrigo and Claussen (2003) for example, defines it as "take or accept a benefit for himself which is not legally valid because the individual has the authority and power".

3. The association of corruption with psychology
            The views Behaviorism; Someone do something as a repon on environmental stimulus. It will be repeated because the rewards received are considered pleasant or profitable. According to the theory of reward and punishment so how does one develop the role behavior.
This means that someone with corruption because there are opportunities and a supportive environment and corruption is regarded as a favorable behavior.

            Socio-Cognitive Approach outlook, adding that in addition to rewards and punishments cognitive factors also supported, meaning that every person has a cognitive structure is learned through a process of social processes p.
Of course corruption here is due to the 'lessons learned' that one receives from its environment. Whether in the form of figures - figures corrupt, weak control systems, economic pressure, or thinking other thoughts that lead one to decide that corruption was the best decision.

            The views of other personality theories acknowledge the traits or characteristics - unique nature in every individual looking for corruption as a 'talent', meaning there is nature - a particular trait of a person who encourages negative behavior in this case is corruption.
It can be concluded that one of corruption due to several things, the personality of the personnel, the environment where a person is located, and factor in a country's legal system.

            GONE Theory Thinker Bologne Jack said, there are four root causes of corruption: Greed, Opportunity, Need, exposes. He called GONE theory, taken from the first letter of each word before. Related Greed greed greed and corruption actors. Corruptors are not satisfied with the situation himself. Got a mountain of gold, desiring had another golden mountain. Got a myriad of treasures, like a private island. Opportunity linked to a system that gives pit of corruption. Control system is not tidy, which allows one to work carelessly. Easy irregularities arise. At the same time, the system is not strict supervision. People easily manipulate numbers. Cheat free. Opportunities of corruption wide open. Need related to the mental attitude that is never enough, full of attitude of consumerism, and always full of needs that never ended. Exposes related penalties on perpetrators of corruption are low. The punishment does not deter the offender and others. Deterrence effect is minimal. Four root of the problem is a major obstacle in the fight against corruption. But, from the fourth root of the problem of corruption was, for me, the center of it all is the attitude of greedy and greedy. Greed. Dilapidated system that does not necessarily make people corrupt. The urgent need not necessarily encourage corruption. Low punishment for perpetrators of corruption does not necessarily make people participate inspired corruption. In short, corrupt behavior stems from an acute greedy attitude. The existence of gluttony and greed matchless. Corruption, borrowed poetry Renda, causing some people are plentiful, there are depleted, there is a boom, there is humiliation, there is a scrape, there are depleted. Corruption parallel with greedy attitude.
Fixation and Corruption There is a relationship between the stages of development of the personality of the child with the condition of the child as an adult. When the stages that occur fixation or barriers of personality development, the personalities that brought to large. Greedy is the nature of people who obstructed the development of his personality. That is when he was hampered in the anal stage personality. A child experiencing barriers anal personality on stage, when he will defend the anal personality. Character of the person is characterized by greed to have. He felt pleasure in the ownership of the material things. Anal phase is marked by joy kids see the dirt coming out of his anus. Now, dirt has replaced other objects. It was tangible money, cars, homes, stocks, diamonds, gold, diamonds. Corruptor is a child in an adult body. Great body, soul dwarf. To cure, remove the obstacle. Show him that he basically immature. Enjoyment of collecting treasures is a symbol of deviant behavior due to hampered the development of personality in childhood. As a result, criminals are minors. He still needs to learn to improve the quality of his personality.
 4. Analysis
            As we all know that corruption is a thing that is not familiar to us, who had the office of the high `and the low was hayal that all corruption.
According to my analysis that corruption is much in our country, causes by the system of capitalist democracy. This system makes our country corruption get ranked first in the world. From the race to be official high and low all used bribes, kickbacks both to the community and bribes to civil servants.  When he tried to occupy his potition, he refund issued when the nomination and return of capital. When his time is over and he tried to defend his position to gain money for renomination. Then that's what makes the tradition of corruption in our country, when there is an official who is not corrupt then it was considered odd because generally they are the corruption. And the lack of boundaries between the haram and halal in the system followed a bribe or reward for official then that should be considered halal haram.
Islam is the only system able to manage the affairs of the individual to the state by the administration of the affairs of that right because aturanya comes from God, not man-made. So when God's rule is not in use then kehancuranpun will increasingly be like today.

5. corruption kassus
Hambalang corruption
            Arrest Wafid Muharam (Secretary of the Ministry of Youth and Sports), Mindo Rosalina Manulang (Marketing Director of PT Children Affairs) and M El Idris (Marketing Manager of PT Duta Graha Indah) by the Commission helped to drag his name with Muhammad Nazaruddin, who served Democratic Party Treasurer. The case, the Democrats formed two teams to probe the involvement of the two party cadres. In September 2011, he called upon the Commission and inspected for at least 8 hours.
In the period 2003-2010, the wealth widow Adjie Massaid rose drastically. If the amount of wealth in the LHKPN on December 23, 2003 amounted to Rp. 618.263 million (USD 600 million) and U.S. $ 7,500, and the number of wealth reached USD 6.15 billion. That is, an increase of approximately 10-fold. Based LHKPN per July 28, 2010 were reported by the Commission, he has a wealth of U.S. $ 6,155,441 and U.S. $ 9,628. It consists of movable, immovable, precious stones, securities and demand deposits and cash equivalents. Movable property covers a land area of
​​1000 square meters in Bandung regency, West Java purchased after 2003. He also owns the land and buildings 316 square meters and 1760 square meters in East Jakarta. He also sold the land and building area of ​​144 square meters and 85 square meters in the district of Tangerang, Banten. The amount of immovable property on December 23, 2003 only $ 151.663 million. Movement of real property values ​​rose sharply until July 2010. As of July 21, 2010, Angie immovable property Rp 2.825.824.000, -. Medium movable property includes BMW X5, Honda CR-V, Kijang Innova, BMW motorcycles, and other transport equipment branded Bombardier. All movable property owned by Angie mentioned that new after 2003. While movable property owned by Hyundai Trajet 2003 are cars and Toyoto Vios. Both are sold after 2003. Movable property owned by Angie also jumped sharply. If until December 23, 2003 only $ 377.9 million, -, then by July 21, 2010 to Rp, -. Meanwhile, precious stones, art, and antiques held until July 21, 2010 amounting to Rp 165 million, -. Property in the form of securities reached USD 1.21 billion. For demand deposits and cash equivalents reached USD 770 617 388 and U.S. $ 9479 until July 21, 2010. The amount was increased sharply from the number of current accounts and cash equivalents until December 23, 2003 were only $ 50 million and U.S. $ 7,500. According to him, all derived from the legacy of the late husband separtai politician.
Corruption Suspects
            When on Friday, February 3, 2012, the Corruption Eradication Commission establish him as a suspect corruption project house athletes in Palembang. Determination of the alleged corruption by the Chairman of the Commission on the Abraham Samad Building Commission, Road Kuningan, South Jakarta. The announcement coincided two days before the first anniversary of the death of Adjie Massaid. In the trial the defendant bribery house athletes, Muhammad Nazaruddin mention of Rp 2 billion to Angelina and I Wayan Koster Rp 3 billion. He has also been prevented from traveling out of the country during 2012-3 February 3 February 2013.
Punishable under Article 5 Paragraph (2) or Article 11 or Article 12 letter a of Law on Corruption Eradication. Among the three alternative article, Article 12 letter shall contain the most severe penalty. Article 12 letter a mention, state officials or state officials who accept gifts or promises, but is known or suspected that the gift or promise given to move in order to do or not do something in the office, as opposed to the obligation, is considered a crime of corruption. Threats, imprisonment for four years and a maximum of 20 years plus a fine of Rp 200 million and a maximum of $ 1 billion.
As from Friday, April 27, 2012, the Commission has been detained at the Detention Salemba Angie KPK branch in Brass (South Jakarta) for 20 days.
6. Reference
Fakhrur Razi, 2010.Makalah Urgensi Hadis-Hadis Anti Korupsi dalam Upaya Pemberantasan Korupsi, Semarang
Wijayanto. 2009. Memahami korupsi. Dalam Zachrie&Wijayanto, Korupsi Mengorupsi Indonesia Jakarta: Gramedia Pustaka Utama.

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